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Beginner - 60 min. ($10 first time, $15 subsequent times)
Students in this class will learn more moves of the basic level, and polish them into confidence and mastery, including a few basic combinations. Beginner class limits the moves to the following criteria: upright (no inverting), static pole (not spinning), no fancy grips (elbow, knee, shoulder).

Intermediate - 60 min. ($15 drop in rate) (prerequisites: Beginner class, pole climb, invert preparation)
This 60 min signature class is for those who have already taken introduction to pole and are ready to begin taking on other pole moves. With the instruction of a pole instructor, you will learn the proper techniques for entering and exiting moves safely and creatively. This class is for low-level intermediate polers and above. Intermediate class introduces moves of the following types: spinning pole, inverts, fancy grips (elbow, knee, shoulder), combos.

Advanced - 60 min. ($20 drop in rate) (prerequisite: Intermediate class, spinning pole, inverts, fancy grips {elbow, knee, shoulder}, combos, Superman, hands-free leg hangs)
This 60 min signature class is for polers who have conquered the fundamentals of Intermediate (Shoulder Mount, Inside Leg Hang, Caterpillar...), and are ready to move on to more complex holds and transitions. Because this is an advanced class, ask your instructor for their assessment of your performance in class thus-far before trying to take on this class. Advanced class is limited by only your imagination and physics.

Strength & Stretch/Firm & Flex - 60 min. ($15 drop in rate)
Are you ready to get your heart pumping and kick your core into gear? Then this class is for you. This hour long class is designed to be a fast-paced, high-energy workout that targets the core muscles, legs, arms, and of course your heart. This is a great supplement for your typical pole routine, and can help you progress at a faster rate. And... tired of not being able to touch your toes? Want to conquer those pesky splits? This class is designed specifically with that in mind. Because pole fitness requires some flexibility in order to take on some of the moves, we have come up with a fantastic stretching class to calm you, both body and mind. Find your center and reach for those graceful lines!

Open Pole - 60 min. ($10 drop in rate)
Want to work on those moves you’ve learned in class? One of our instructors will be on hand to help you as you work freely on moves you may be having problems with. Keep in mind, this is not a class for new moves, as this is an independent time for you to work on moves you already know while getting help from one of our instructors.

Private Parties: 90 min. ($50 non-refundable deposit + $20 per person)
Have a special event coming up? Whether it's a bachlerette party, Ladies' Night Out, or a birthday event. Book your private pole jam with us! The event will be lead by one of our talented instructors. Please email us to confirm the date and time.

Don’t want to pay drop in rates, that’s okay. We also offer many different options to pay for your pole play!

Punch Cards:
3 Beginner Classes- $35
5 Punch- $65
10 Punch- $120

Memberships :

One-Month Unlimited- $100
Drop into any of our classes any time we are open.

Three-Month Unlimited- $90 per month ($270 in full)
Enjoy all the benefits of the one-month membership for three months.

Six-Month Unlimited- $80 per month ($480 in full)
Enjoy all the benefits of the three-month membership, PLUS one free private lesson from one of our pole instructors AND a Star Pole Fitness signature tank top!!

Private lessons: ($10/hour + individual instructor rate) One-on-one with one of our instructors (depends on availability and requested criteria). These can be negotiated for hours outside of our scheduled class hours.